An Amazon keyword tool that grows your search traffic, researches your competitors, and monitors your niche

WordTree's Amazon keyword tool helps you learn why your competitors are higher in Amazon's search results than you, and what you need to do to beat them.

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Reverse ASIN Lookup

Organic search reports analyze search traffic and top sales-driving keywords of your niche

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Amazon Rank Tracker

Get accurate graphs detailing your product alongside competitors

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Optimized for A9 Algorithm

Easily optimize your listings for the Amazon search engine results page

The BEST Amazon Keyword Tool to Rise Above the Competition!

Out-Pace, Out-Index, and Out-Sell Your Competition with Our Amazon Keyword Tools

Amazon Keyword Tool - Find a Complete list of Keywords

Get all the keywords your listing needs to show up in more customer search results. Make more informed decisions. Get more sales.

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Listing Builder - Instantly Analyze and Fix Your Listing's Issues

Listing errors broken down in plain language, with clear definitions and how-to-fix tutorials for each issue.

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WordTree Amazon keyword tool testimonial from Erica
Amazon Seller
"I used it [WordTree] back in November and increased my sales by 80% and I did not use any other services like viral launch, helium 10, merchant words, keyword inspector, etc. I found the price to be competitive. Used it again for my new listing. In grand scheme, 10 dollars is not a lot. I used it before I saw your video with Dalton (which was fantastic). Highly recommend"
WordTree Amazon keyword tool testimonial from Paul Easton
Paul Easton
"I went and used for a new product that I just got running. It creates a very clean list of search terms.

Taking the keywords from it and using it in PPC - came up with 22 keywords that gave me a ACOS under 27% and many under 10%..."
WordTree Amazon keyword tool testimonial from Jerry
Jerry Correia
Amazon Seller
"Thanks to your suggestion I got a Wordtree report used those keywords on PPC campaign and upped my index percentage from 68% (total surprise) to 100%. I'm glad I was able to use it and I intend on using it for future products... I'm sure that Wordtree is one of the factors that has helped my sales jump to 10k/month two months after launch."

Organic Keyword Research Reports - Simple Pay-per-report Pricing

With our Amazon keyword tools, you can start increasing your sales, boosting your conversion rates, and moving your listing up in Amazon's search results.

Organic Search Reports (Reverse ASIN)


bulk pricing available

  • Discover what phrases Amazon customers are using to find your product
  • Find a complete list of keywords/phrases using up to 10 competitor ASINs per report
  • Unlocks the listing builder to help you keyword optimize your product listing
  • Reveals search term volume scores
  • Saves time, with tools designed with Amazon private label sellers and wholesalers in mind
  • Makes building Amazon ad-campaigns (sponsored products) easy and profitable
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    50% off your first report with a money back guarantee!

We Support the,, and Marketplaces

Our innovative collection of four Amazon keyword tools will guide you through the creation of an ideal keyword-optimized Amazon listing customized to your item.

We use a database of over 90 million Amazon customer generated keywords that will unlock the most potent keywords so you can see an increase in sales on Amazon. takes the guesswork and struggle out of creating and maintaining a top-selling Amazon product listing with the tools to increase a listing's sales and monitor its competition.

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your report, just contact us and let us know and we’ll be happy to issue a full refund.

Our Rank Tracker has a 31 day free trial on our bronze level Rank Tracker. If you decide it’s not for you, cancel the subscription before the trial is up and you will not see a charge.

You pay per report. Whether you have one competitor or ten competitors, a report is the same price. With our Rank Tracker you can track up to 10 of your competitors along with your own listing for the same price.

First, we help modify your listing to ensure you have the ability to show up in all the important keyword searches for your product. This directly impacts your sales, as your product ranks up in the new keywords.

Second, we find profitable keywords to target using PPC.

Third, we provide ranked keywords which can be leveraged to create ad copy which ups your conversion ratio.

Our tool offers one main competitive advantage over the others - we are incredibly accurate and relevant with the results we provide our users. We use much more advanced search methods to provide users with clean results. Amazon’s search algorithm, in turn, rewards listings that prove to be relevant to customer searches.

We use keyword stemming, so you can pack more keywords into your listing.

Also, our pricing differs by being a la carte instead of making our users stick to a monthly plan.

Our Keyword Reports and Rank Tracker requires no Amazon access.
We support the,, and Marketplaces.

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