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WordTree's Amazon rank tracker monitors your performance alongside your top 10 competitors

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Using an Amazon rank tracker to track the rank of your keywords is crucial if you want to know if the changes you’re making to your listing are working or not.

Our Amazon rank tracker creates a recorded log of where your listing is showing up for keywords that you have selected along with up to 10 or your competitors. You can now use this log to see if your marketing and optimization efforts are helping or harming your listing with visual graphs and tables. Start seeing where your listing and up to 10 competitor’s listings are ranking today with our free 31-day trial!

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Highly Customizable

Add keywords manually or use's organic search report to find them for you. Add and change competitors at any time.

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Updated Daily

Your products keyword rankings (along with up to 10 competitors) will be updated every day. See up to 14 days of ranking history on our useful graph.

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Learn & Improve

Easily filter down to see the top sales driving keywords of your products, and spy on your competitors best keywords. Effortlessly see how you can improve.

Amazon Rank Tracker Monthly Plans (Search reports sold separately)

Free 31-day trial! Keywords can be spread out throughout multiple listings. Track up to 10 competitors at no additional cost.

Bronze (FREE Trial!)

$19 mo.

  • Rank Tracker Bronze
  • 100 Keywords Tracked
  • Track up to 10 Competitors
  • Detailed Graphs
  • Updates Daily
  • Money-back Guarantee
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$119 mo.

  • Rank Tracker Gold
  • 1,500 Keywords Tracked
  • Track up to 10 Competitors
  • Detailed Graphs
  • Updates Daily
  • Money-back Guarantee
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$299 mo.

  • Rank Tracker Platinum
  • 10,000 Keywords Tracked
  • Track up to 10 Competitors
  • Detailed Graphs
  • Updates Daily
  • Money-back Guarantee
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Track the rankings of your selected keywords. See your rankings develop over time and monitor the effects of your optimization efforts on keyword rankings.

Our Amazon rank tracker has a simple interface. You’ll find it’s easy to add you products ASIN, up to 10 of your competitors ASINs, and start tracking keywords you’ve selected from one of our keyword reports, or from a list of keywords that you’re providing. Over time, you’ll be able to start seeing a record of your listing’s rank for each of the keywords you’ve selected. With this powerful knowledge, you’ll be able to make informed marketing and optimization decisions.

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Getting The Most Out Of An Amazon Rank Tracker


There is a 31 day free trial on our bronze level Rank Tracker. If you decide it’s not for you, cancel the subscription before the trial is up and you will not see a charge.

Our Rank Tracker requires no Amazon access.
No. You can track up to 10 of your competitors along with your own listing for the same price.
We don’t require a keyword report, but we do recommend it. Rank Tracker is easier to use after running a report, and a report will show which keywords are most important to your listing. You can learn more about them here:
We offer competitive pricing and we allow you to not only track your listing but your competitor’s listings as well.
We support the,, and Marketplaces.

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