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Organic Research Report

Analyze search traffic and top sales-driving keywords of your competitors

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Listing Builder

Learn how to structure your listing and backend keywords in the most effective manner

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Optimized for A9 Algorithm

Easily optimize your listings for the Amazon search engine results page

Rise Above the Competition

Out-pace, out-rank, and out-sell your competition

Organic Search Reports


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  • Discover what Amazon customers are searching for to find your product
  • Find a complete list of keywords/phrases using up to 10 competitors
  • Unlocks the listing builder to help you optimize your entire listing for keyword indexing
  • Reveals extremely accurate volume estimations so you can focus on the keywords that matter
  • Gets you out of keyword spreadsheets so you can spend your time growing your FBA business
  • Finds low CPC long-tail and short-tail keywords easily importable into ad-campaigns.
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Free with Every Report - Listing Builder

Listing errors broken down in plain language, with clear definitions and how-to-fix tutorials for each issue

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