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WordTree's reverse ASIN lookup is 2.8 times as accurate as our competitors - See what you're missing

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Organic Research Report

Reverse ASIN lookup reports analyze search traffic and top sales-driving phrases of your competitors

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Listing Builder

Learn how to structure your listing and backend keywords in the most effective manner

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Optimized for A9 Algorithm

Easily optimize your listings for the Amazon search engine results page

Increase your sales in 5 simple steps

  1. Buy a report that includes a complete list of phrases customers are typing in Amazon, for both your product and your competitors
  2. Use listing builder to update your product and ensure all your keywords are incorporated into your listing
  3. Copy your phrases into our free chrome add-on, which checks if your phrases are indexed by Amazon
  4. Go back to step 2, adding any missing phrases which are not indexed to more prominent fields
  5. Watch your sales continue to grow over several weeks

Organic Research Reports


*bulk pricing available

  • Discover what Amazon customers are searching for to find your product
  • Find a complete list of phrases using up to 10 competitors
  • Use the listing builder to help optimize listing for indexing
  • Reveals accurate phrase volumes so you can focus on the important phrases
  • Provides a set of phrases to build a PPC ad-campaigns
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Free with Every Report - Listing Builder

After a reverse ASIN lookup, listing builder makes it easy to incorporate the important terms and phrases so you can focus on making copy that sells while ensuring you show up for all the important search terms

Amazon PPC

Our Organic Search report will jump start your PPC campaign. We provide a set of phrases which could be incorporated into PPC to quickly build a profitable campaign.

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